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Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels
Finding dogs their forever homes
Rehoming a Dog
Once you have undertaken the screening process (we advise that all family members and other dogs that will be living with the new dog visit beforehand) and have found a dog that both you and us feel will match your needs and lifestyle, a rehoming form is signed to confirm that the dog will be kept as intended and, in the event of a future problem, the new owner will contact us.
We ask for a non-refundable contribution of £110 for each dog you rehome.  Each dog is micro-chipped on site and if needed , a neutering voucher (which means the cost of neutering is only £35 with this voucher)  is also issued
( please note that the voucher is  SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY and QUALIFYING BREED ) and not every dog is entitled to one , please ask a member of staff for more info .
For the protection of the dogs all dogs are vaccinated and wormed.  Vaccinations will need updating regularly and it is essential that you register your new dog with a vet as soon as possible.
Is my favorite breed"
Remember the rehoming process is a really stressful process for all dogs so please be patient.  The last home they were in may not have been very nice.
The following are guidelines but if there are some exceptional homes that don't quite tick all the boxes we will consider them on an indivdual basis.

Identification showing both name and address must be shown by the potential new owner.
Dogs should not generally be left alone for more than 8 hours or alternatively a dog walker may be used . Puppies need to be in a home where they are not left for more than 4 hours.
Our rescue dogs must live as part of the family once they are rehomed.
The garden must be enclosed securely.
Normally only positve reward based training should be used.
Sometimes we may suggest the new owners undertake training classes, especially for puppies or adult dogs who we have identified as needing on-going training.
If you rehome a puppy, they can usually be neutered from 6 months and the neutering voucher we provide ( subject to qualifying breed and availability ) will help with the cost of this.  However your vet will advise when it is best to have your puppy or dog neutered.
We would never consider rehoming a rescue dog to a home that breeds or plans to breed dogs.
Bringing a dog in to be rehomed

If you feel you can  no longer give your dog a loving home we may be able to help, we do however have a strict rehoming intake procedure which allows us to help as many dogs as possible whilst taking into account the nature of each individual dog.

Before any dog can be taken into the rehoming kennels as a handover from an owner the dog must be assessed by LRK staff, this assessment needs to be booked in advance to ensure that the relevant trained staff are aware of the assessment and will be available to spend the appropriate time with the dog and owner. This will also allow for a proper and thorough assessment and for LRK to gain as much information and background about the dog from the owner to give the best chance of a successful rehome.

On the completion of the assessment the owner will be informed if the dog is to be offered a place in the kennels. If the dog cannot not be taken staff will explain in full detail why the dog cannot be taken in and further advice and other possible options will be discussed, including if deemed appropriate by LRK staff advertising the dog through our own social media site.

Following a successful assessment and if there is kennel space, the dog can be taken in immediately.  At this point signed consent from the owner is required alongside payment of a £50 fee/donation.

If the assessment is successful but the is no kennel space, then the owner will be informed of the situation and will be contacted as soon as space becomes available. Other options can be discussed with the owner including other kennels and advertising the dog through our own social media site.
Local vets that accept neutering vouchers
Below is a list of all the vets we know of locally that will accept the Dogs Trust neutering voucher we issue during the rehoming process.  We try to keep this list as up to date as possible but please check when you make your appointment.

(please note that the voucher is  SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY and QUALIFYING BREED ) and not every dog is entitled to one , please ask a member of staff for more info .

Please call the Dogs Trust hotline on 03332021148 to find a participating vet in your area
Raoul Dowding Veterinary Surgeons
Tel: 01427 612 188
Tel: 01302 711922
Gordon Lochrie Veterinary Surgeon
Tel: 01427 612662
Rase Veterinary Centre
Market Rasen
Tel: 01673 842448
Tel: 01427 751802
Veterinary Hosptal
Tel: 01522 800333
Park View Veterinary Hospital
North Hykeham
Tel: 01522 683300

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